A curated list of the best WordPress plugins claims to be a curated list of “the best and most reliable WordPress plugins”.  I’ve used almost all of these plugins and can attest to the fact that yes, they got it right.  The only thing I would say is that some of their plugins (Gravity Forms, WP DB Migrate Pro) are paid plugins and some are free.  I would have liked the list to be all free plugins and then have a separate list for the best paid plugins out there.

Go check out to see their list of curated plugins.


the hardest thing about blogging…

I first started blogging on February 6, 2004.  Back then I was a recent immigrant to Canada and still studying Music at University.  I was spending most of my time practicing classical guitar, my diet consisted of instant noodles and chicken fingers, and my blog very much reflected those times.  I like keeping it around to remind me of what my life was like back then.  Here are some of my favourite quotes: