Storefront: Change the basket icon to a cart icon

Someone asked me today, why does the shopping cart had an icon of a basket instead of a cart?  It’s called the “cart” after all, right?  The URL says cart, and WooCommerce says cart, but there’s an icon of a basket.

Here you can see the default “cart” icon on the Storefront menu:

It also appears on mobile in the “handheld menu” on the bottom:

If you want to change these icons from a basket to a cart, here’s a bit of CSS I wrote that will do the trick (as of Storefront 2.2.4):

.site-header-cart .cart-contents:after,
.storefront-handheld-footer-bar ul li.cart > a:before {
content: "\f07a";


5 responses to “Storefront: Change the basket icon to a cart icon”

  1. Thanks Mike, this was helpful.

  2. cool! Just tried it and seems better!

  3. Where to change it?

    1. You can add this CSS in the Customizer > Additional CSS section.

  4. thanks !!

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