Storefront 2.2.0 beta 1 – Develop Storefront

Storefront 2.2.0 beta 1 is out! Make sure to check it out. I’m definitely liking the design update.

Source: Storefront 2.2.0 beta 1 – Develop Storefront


Storefront Handheld Menu Height

With Storefront you can have a separate menu for mobile and desktop. They are listed as Primary for the Desktop, and Handheld for Mobile:

If you are wondering, the Secondary Menu is for the Header.

Storefront WooCommerce

Align WooCommerce Add to Cart Buttons in Storefront

I get this request a lot – you have a lot of products but the “Add to Cart” buttons don’t line up together.  You probably have some product titles that span 2 lines, others than span 1.  Some of your images are taller than others, or maybe some are on Sale and others aren’t.  That’s ok!  Here’s what you need to do:

themes WooCommerce

Change the default logo size for Storefront and it’s child themes

WordPress recently added the Custom Logo feature which is pretty neat.  Storefront 2.0 also added support for this recently.  By default, Storefront will set the logo to be 110 by 470 – which is pretty small.  If you want to make that bigger, you just need to override the theme function using something like this.

// Add this to your theme's functions.php
function marce_change_custom_logo_size() {
add_theme_support( 'custom-logo', array(
'height' => 400,
'width' => 400,
'flex-width' => true,
) );
add_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'marce_change_custom_logo_size', 30 );

Make sure you remove the opening php tag if that’s already in your functions.php file, and change the values of 400 to whatever you want.

i18n WordPress

How-to: Generate a POT file for a WordPress Theme or Plugin

Translation files are a very important part of the WordPress ecosystem. They allow your plugin or theme to be used by people in all languages. So, you need them.  It’s less of a suggestion and more of a requirement 😉