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How-to: Generate a POT file for a WordPress Theme or Plugin

Translation files are a very important part of the WordPress ecosystem. They allow your plugin or theme to be used by people in all languages. So, you need them. ¬†It’s less of a suggestion and more of a requirement ūüėČ

Plugin WooCommerce

Automatically hide or expire products after a certain date

Say you have a shop, and you use WooCommerce and WooCommerce Bookings. ¬†Most of the time you want to have your Bookings available for people to buy, always! ¬†However, some Bookings are more seasonal, or one-off Bookings. For example you might have a tour you offer for 1 month but only every few years. ¬†Or […]

protip WooCommerce

Change order of Available Downloads in WooCommerce

If you’re running WooCommerce and you sell digital products, here’s how you can change their order. By default, WooCommerce will order them from Oldest > Newest.¬† So the first products you ordered go first, and the latest products you ordered go at the bottom.¬†¬† If it’s a subscription site, where customers continually get new digital […]


Converting epub books to mobi with Kindlegen

I have an old Kindle Reader from 2012 that I use pretty often. ¬†The problem I have with Kindles is that they don’t support epub books, only mobi. Sometimes I’ll download someone’s ebook and want to have it on my Kindle, and most processes for converting the files are pretty¬†crappy and time consuming. Enter Kindlegen. […]

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How I use Skype to get almost free long distance

I have a lot of family and friends scattered throughout the world. ¬†Most of them live in North America, so I always need to find ways to call people, and do it cheaply. When I moved to Canada, I started using cheap¬†calling cards where you would have to enter in 400 digits to make a […]